Skopje Central Post Office

In Macedonia, the Skopje Central Post Office was the brainchild of architect Janko Konstantinov.


In Summer 1963, a massive earthquake struck the ancient city of Skopje.  Skopje is in the Republic of Macedonia/FYROM and has been in the news because of demonstrations in May 2015 against Prime Minister Gruevski and his government.  These demonstrations have been dramatic but peaceful.  The 1963 earthquake was anything but peaceful.  It lasted less than a minute but killed well over 1000 people, made 100 000 people homeless and destroyed about 80% of the city.

The world came to Skopje’s aid and 78 countries offered relief funds.  With so much of the city destroyed, an idea emerged to hold an international urban planning competition for its redesign.

In 1964, Japanese architect Kenzo Tange won the competition.  His plan for the city involved brutalist city planning on a gigantic scale.  Prominent individual buildings were to be designed by famous architects from around the world.

Skopje Central Post Office was the brainchild…

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